Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Centers - Thyro-Cat

Thyro-Cat Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Centers are located at the following veterinary hospitals:

Please call our general number for information about feline hyperthyroid treatment at any Thyro-Cat Hyperthyroid Treatment Center: 866-467-8228 or 866-467-TCAT.

Staffed by licensed veterinarians, technicians and board-certified veterinary specialists, Thyro-Cat provides affordable and effective feline Radioactive Iodine ( I-131 ) Therapy to cats diagnosed with feline hyperthyroidism. Thyro-Cat's four feline hyperthyroid treatment centers are conveniently located to treat hyperthyroid cats referred by veterinarians in the NY, CT, and New England area.

The mission of Thyro-Cat is to provide the best possible treatment for feline hyperthyroidism. This treatment consists of Radioactive Iodine ( I-131 ) Therapy. All Thyro-Cat treatment centers are staffed by board-certified veterinary radiation oncologists, internists, cardiologists and radiologists and are fully licensed by the State Departments of Health and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Thyro-Cat Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Centers are spacious, comfortable, climate-controlled and offer friendly service. All centers offer videos for the cats to enjoy during their stay.

Thyro-Cat is staffed by some of the most renowned veterinary specialists in the world. Chief clinician and co-founder of Thyro-Cat, Dr. Victor Rendano, received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1972. After completing a rigorous training program in veterinary radiology, Dr. Rendano was inducted as a diplomate and radiology specialist into the American College of Veterinary Radiology and received his board certification 1975.

From 1976 until 1996, Dr. Rendano was a professor of veterinary radiology at Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine. After two decades at Cornell, Dr. Rendano continued his studies in the field of radiation oncology and in 2001; he was awarded diplomate status and board certification in radiation oncology.

Dr. Rendano has published over 100 papers and has lectured throughout the world. He is currently president of Veterinary Multi-Imaging, PLLC and co-founder of Thyro-Cat.

Thyro-Cat is staffed by many veterinary specialists. Some of the specialists include:

Cats referred by other veterinarians and veterinary hospitals for feline hyperthyroidism treatment remain patients of the referring hospital. Thyro-Cat Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Centers accept feline patients from referring hospitals for feline hyperthyroidism treatment only. Once Radioactive Iodine ( I-131 ) Therapy is completed, the feline patient returns to his / her regular veterinarian for follow-up care. Our staff respects the unique relationship that exists between primary veterinarian and referral center.

For additional information about the feline hyperthyroid services offered by Thyro-Cat, please visit our website. To reach Thyro-Cat by phone, please call 866-467-8228 or 866-467-TCAT. For the hours of the nearest Thyro-Cat Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center, please call the center or the general Thyro-Cat information number.

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