Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment in Queensbury

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Phone: 866-467-8228 (TCAT)
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Radioactive Iodine I-131 Therapy for Feline Hyperthyroidism

Feline hyperthyroidism treatment at our location in Queensbury, NY (as well as our other hyperthyroidism centers,) offers radioactive iodine I-131 therapy for cats diagnosed with feline hyperthyroidism. Radioactive iodine (I-131) therapy is the preferred method of therapy for this condition, as it is effective, safe, and economical. Our feline hyperthyroid therapy consists of simple one-injection treatment just under the cat's skin, much like a routine feline vaccine.

Our Queensbury Thyro-Cat Treatment Center

The Thyro-Cat Treatment Center in Queenbury is a comfortable space for your cat during the administering of the radioactive iodine injection, as well as the monitoring period to follow. The climate-controlled feline treatment facility is large, comfortable, and calming so that your cat can be as at ease at possible during the procedure. Most cats are housed with us for 3-5 days, as is the law, in order to be able to monitor your cat's health after the procedure, as well as to make sure the radioactive material is at a safe level when leaving the hospital. After admission to the Queensbury feline hyperthyroidism treatment facility, chest and abdominal ultrasounds are performed to ensure optimal health of your cat. Next, the cat-once found healthy-receives the injection of radioactive iodine therapy. After the injection, your cat will be closely monitored for health and radioiodine (I-131) levels during his or her stay.

Our Skilled Veterinary Specialists

Staffed by licensed, board-certified veterinary radiologists and specialists in feline internal medicine, Thyro-Cat in Queensbury provides affordable radioactive iodine I-131 treatment for cats with feline hyperthyroidism. Dr. Victor Rendano, VMD, MS, DACVR, DACVR-RO, specialist in veterinary radiology and professor of radiology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, is chief specialist at Thyro-Cat. Dr. Victor Rendano was inducted as a diplomate into the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 1975, and was awarded diplomate status and board certification in radiation oncology in 2001.

For more information about the Thyro-Cat, our feline hyperthyroid treatment center in Queensbury, and using radioactive iodine I-131 therapy, or information about our hours, please call Thyro-Cat at 866-467-8228 (TCAT) or visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Feline Hyperthyroidism and Radioiodine I-131 Therapy page.

For veterinarians referring a feline patient to this treatment center, please visit our Veterinary Referral page.

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